Review: The Doomsday Key by James Rollins (Book 6 of the Sigma Force series)

The Doomsday Key by James Rollins (Book 6 of the Sigma series)

This book could be a movie (like all Sigma books) on the level of Indiana Jones or National Treasure. Like any Sigma series book, it has a ton of action, adventure, mystery, and intrigue.

The premise: The shadowy Guild is looking for The Doomsday Key, the ability to control a long dormant fungi virus that has been introduced into the food system. It is up to the Sigma team to track down the key and stop the plan.

We have ties to GMO experimentation, the bee population being destroyed in various locations around the world, and even the FACT that bio fuel such a ethanol is wasteful (1 SUV tank of corn processed bio fuel could feed a starving human for a year). We have events taking place at the Vatican, in England, and at the Doomsday seed bank is Svalbard.

You don't have to read prior Sigma novels to read this one. Rollins fills in any missing blanks really well. His books move quickly and pull you in with the archaeological mystery that runs up against some world event that could lead to a catastrophe. Sigma are basically the scientists with guns (a secret off the books group of government operatives under DARPA). They're the smart action heroes. These books are just really fun reads that play out like movies in your mind. I highly recommend them.

2021 Book Completion Count: 4


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