The Differences between the Right and the Left (as of right NOW)

This is basically the difference between the right and the left as of right now:

-Moderate to right just wants to be left alone.
-You do you, but don't expect us to be part of you doing you.
-We'll tolerate you but you and no one else should expect acceptance.
-We'd like to keep the money we worked for and earned.
-Live and let live.


-You must accept us.
-You must join us.
-You must believe as we believe.
-We will not tolerate anyone who disagrees with us.
-Your money should be shared with others who did not work for or earn it.
-We will cancel you if our demands are not met.

So tell me? Who is the intolerant and divisive ones here? Sure looks like the left to me. 

Also... Where did this stupid idea come from that we all had to be united with each other???????

I'll tolerate certain people but I don't want anything to do with their life or how they live otherwise. Kind of sick of the forced hippy dippy shit...


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