Review:The Last Oracle by James Rollins (Book 5 in the Sigma Force series)

I love these books and I'm rotating the Sigma Force series from James Rollins back into my reading cycle this year. I met James Rollins at a book signing and he signed the physical copy of this particular book.

The premise here is a plot by a sect of Russians that want to create the next all powerful prophet. You get biological manipulation, a possible radioactive end times, and the future of the world at stake. Sigma Force must put together the scientific and archaeologic clues that solve the puzzle to saving the world.

For people who love Indiana Jones or flicks like National Treasure or adventure puzzle movies, then these books are the page turners for you. James Rollins is the master of this type of story and writing this type of book. He writes very visual and action packed books that I'm surprised have yet to be turned into movies yet. All I can say is that you can't go wrong with this series.

2021 Book Completion Count: 3


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