Review: Tiamat's Wrath (The Expanse Book 8)

That was so hard to get through!!! So much filler. It picks up in the last 100 pages but even then you have conversations ending a chapter from one persons perspective and in the very next chapter you have to immediately read the same conversation but from another person's perspective. This happens several times too. That's just bad writing.

This is the second to the last book in The Expanse series. The last book will come out this year (2021) and will be called Leviathan Falls. Remember, the very first book is called Leviathan Wakes so... It's like poetry... or something. Anyway...

For much of this book.... as in almost all of it, the characters we know are all separated and in some cases alone. So lots of filler introspection. You also get chapters that reiterate prior chapters just in case you forgot. It's not as bad as Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson with their horrible Dune fan fiction but it felt reminiscent. Seriously... if people are reading your book, give them more credit. Don't reiterate things you've said before.

The upside... the last 100 pages would look good filmed. There's a nice big space battle. The downside, the show is ending with season 6 and will never make it this far...(sigh)...

Yes, I'm going to buy and read the last book because I've made it this far but honestly... I kind of wish I had never picked up this series. After the 5th book (Nemesis Games) it just went down the filler hole with the Laconian Empire plot. Humans making protomolecule mutations and taking over the universe wasn't interesting. That's 3 books of filler. Hopefully, in the final book we will finally go up against the ultimate threat out there.

2021 Completion Book Count: 2


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