Sakura Killers - 1987 (Prime)

Sakura Killers is about this corporate company called Sakura that is into industrial espionage for genetic secrets. They are also a Ninja clan. They send some Ninjas to steal a videotape that has top secret genetic science recorded on it.

The Colonel, who we will call Charlie, sends Crockett and Tubs from Miami to retrieve the video tape. However Charlie doesn't tell his men that they are dealing with Ninja. This doesn't matter much because the Ninja are fairly weak in this movie. 
Crockett and Tubs learn from the Ninja Master

Crockett knows a girl in Japan who has an uncle. She introduces the Miami Vice to him and he tells them that he is a former Ninja Master (such luck!!!). To fight the Sakura, the Miami Vice must also become Ninja and to do that, they must take Uncle's twenty minute course on "How to be a Ninja".

Once Crockett and Tubs become Ninja, the Uncle's niece joins up with them so they are three times as deadly. Meanwhile back in America, Charlie is killing Ninja that have been sent to kill him. He's getting a little tired of shooting them with revolvers and shotguns and wants his video tape back. So it's time for Charlie's Ninjas to get the job done. 
This leads to an entertaining final battle between the Master Sakura Ninja and Charlie's Ninjas. 
This is leaps and bounds down from The Ninja Trilogy w/ Sho Kosugi or The American Ninja movies. There is some cringe acting, a plot that is a mess, and events that have to happen to make the story go in the direction needed. Having said that... There's some fun Ninja moments to take in. There's a lot of different Ninja tactics and weapons shown off. Who knew the belly and toe jump and the roadrunner feet on your back were used so much?

It's worth the view just for the fun of it (just know going in that this is below B right here).


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