How backwards is this country today?

BLM is a racist and Marxist group that claims to be fighting racism by using racism. 

ANTIFA claims to be anti-fascists but they are literally fascist in their actions and intolerance of anyone who differs from them. 

Democrats claim to be against racism but in California and other states they are rolling back civil rights so they can use racist affirmative action to pick and choose by skin color and sex. 

Systemic Racism is the word that is being leveled against all white people. People who are not racist are then able to be demagogued as racist by those using the term who are in fact the real racists. 

Racism and "phobe or phobic" mean nothing now. These terms have been used for every retort under the sun. If a person doesn't want to get into the complexity of an issue or see where another is coming from they throw out the racist or phobe insults. When I hear these terms now, I instantly think the ones using them are full of shit. 

LGBT demands more media representation but several recent studies show that per population and actual percentage of LBGT people, the media (movies, TV, Books, Comics, Video games...etc...) now has an over representation of the LGBT in it. Yet the demand does not stop. None of these groups are ever satisfied with equality. They literally want domination. 

Reparations are being called for by people who never owned slaves, to be given to people who were never slaves. Then the bullshit term systemic racism is used as a blanket reaction to silence those who call this out. 

There is an article out that says if you are white and own a dog then you are racist and practicing colonialism. I don't know about you but, I love my dogs and I'm HAPPY colonialism took place. It's called conquering a country to make it better. America is better for it. Detractors can leave. 

Statistics show, prove, and verify that black on white violence is more prevalent than white on black violence. Even higher is black on black violence. Yet we're supposed to ignore facts and statistics and just go with the "white man bad" narrative from BLM??? Talking about facts is "racist"... The delusion of this is incredible. 

Sports leagues (NBA, MLB, NFL), celebrities, and music artists (Pearl Jam) are out there making saints out of criminals wanted for sexual assault that by all accounts was very much rape. And people defend these leagues, celebs, and artists??? Being shot 7 times may have been overkill but the dude was a damn rapist. A criminal. Stop defending these criminals and making them saints!!! 

We have morons claiming fashion from culture and calling it "Cultural Appropriation." A nonsense term created by racists and people who are literally divisive. Sharing culture is a GOOD thing. By the way... dreadlocks and buns are not just originally from Africa. Vikings wore dreadlocks and Romans wore buns. People who use the term "cultural appropriation" are some of the most low IQ bigoted racists out there. Just pathetic human beings. 

We have no checks and balances in this country to speak of. Governors and Mayors created illegal executive orders to mandate people stay at home or wear a mask. They certainly do not have that power. The CDC claims to have the power of rent control which it most certainly does not have either. But no one calls these things out. 

NY, California, Minnesota, and Portland are all the hot zones with the most violence and the most stringent lock downs. They are all controlled by Democrats too. Why in the world would anyone vote for a Democrat at this point if one of these cesspool places is what you could end up with???

Democrats who yelled holy hell that McCain was not viable to be a candidate for President because of his mental capacity are now going to vote for Biden, a man who clearly has dementia/Alzheimer's. Their reason.... "Orange Man Bad." This is the hypocrisy of the pathetic Democrat voters. Just the lowest common denominator of person. They vote for a mentally impaired candidate, participating in elder abuse, when they have no platform but "Orange Man Bad." Idiots...

Kamala Harris, the DNC VP candidate, has tweets and videos out there of her telling rioters and looters to keep going. She gave money to and promoted sites to help get rioters and looters out of jail on bail. By doing this she actively participated in the destruction of cities, businesses, and livelihoods. Yet Democrats will vote for her. Idiots. 

At what point does one have to be so low IQ and dumb as a rock to vote for this crap above??????? One would have to be devoid of reason, logic, and understanding to ever cast a vote for the above or support this group identity bullshit that is clearly divisive and tearing this country apart. The far left is racist, violent, and intolerant of everything and everyone who does not agree with them. They are sick and they do not want a better country for everyone. They want a country with their intolerant demands accepted and the rest of us are subservient to their control. 

That is how fucked up and backwards this nation now is.


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