You (Netflix S1 & S2)

You on Netflix is now one of my favorite TV shows. This show fills my Mr. Robot hole (since it came to an end). The reason... Voice over narration by the main character. I love voice over narration when done right, like in Mr. Robot and here in You

The premise, Joe works in a book store. Joe sees a woman come in. Joe is smitten and must find out everything about the woman. Joe must be in her life. Joe becomes a stalker and in the process a bit of a serial killer. That's the first season, I can't really talk about the excellent second season because that would spoil the first season for people. Just WATCH THIS SHOW!!! 
The other interesting thing about this show is that you know Joe is doing bad thing but you as the viewer become protective of Joe and you fear that he may be caught. It's a weird feeling to realize that you are on the side of this stalker serial killer because you are hearing his narration and this humanizes him in a way that you come to know him and scarily identify with him on some level. That's how the majority of people feel when watching this interesting show. 

I can't wait for season 3 (coming in 2021, probably late 2021 due to Covid19). The end of season 2 just sets up a season 3 that is going to be really interesting!!! Again... WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!! 


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