Wait... This gets BANNED but NOT this other thing???


The anime and Manga for No Game No Life was BANNED in Australia. Apparently anime adults look too much like kids and Australia believes that adults cannot tell the difference. Australia is pretty lame. I've been watching No Game No Life on Netflix and it's pretty good. There are some funny parts. You learn how to "beat games" in every episode, such as how to count cards. The premise is that these two gamer's (brother (18 or 19) and sister (11)) are brought to this world where there is no war or violence but every dispute is settled by a game. Yes, sometimes women are in panties and they lose their clothing but this is Rated MA and before they do in a particular episode they also lose their "gender" (it's in a game and they do it just so it isn't sexualized). They even have commentary about being rated 18 plus in an over the top narration for some scenes. There's nothing in it that makes it something to ban though. It's animation and fiction. I just don't get it??? In one game they are betting on the panties of one of the women but that's like strip poker... ohhh.. sooo... edgy!!! It's not something that titillates the libido... And an art style is just that... an art style. 

Australia is essentially trying to ban all anime and manga coming into that country because adults there are not mentally capable of knowing the difference in between safe and harmful material. The government there says so. Sadly... there are some ban happy morons in the states too. Even mainstream comics and animation people have jumped on this censor bandwagon because more people are flocking to anime and manga than buying the activist bullshit that currently passes for animation and American comics. More on that in another blog entry... 

Of course, Netflix is bringing some French docu flick called Cuties to the screen and that has actual real 11 year old's in tube tops and hot pants twerking. What the ever loving fuck??? I'm not posting a pic of that and I am not clicking to any page detailing it because the news media is doing a great marketing job of publicizing it for free. Imagine that...

There's a big difference between an 11 year old anime or manga drawing in panties vs a real 11 year old in a tube top and hot pants in a documentary twerking. If you think they are even remotely similar than you have mental issues. Serious mental issues!!!  

We live in a world where animation and manga is considered harmful but real life documentaries that are far more explicit are a-okay? I wonder how many people today clicked on a mainstream media article that is talking about that Cuties show? I'm quite sure that people outraged by it, probably clicked through to the article on it, based on the explicit picture being blasted everywhere. I didn't.. but did you? Did you give that tabloid mainstream media site a click and view because you were lured in by that picture? Congrats... YOU gave money to the machine that you claim to be against. Sucker... and also hypocrite. 

Anyway... leave the anime and manga alone your censorship fools. There are other things you should be dealing with which you clearly are not doing...


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