The Mandela Effect (Prime)

The Mandela Effect is another thinking man's Matrix like the Thirteenth Floor. Do we live in a simulation? Are things like The Berenstein Bears and Curious George with a tail actually glitches in the matrix or collective memory misunderstandings? What if you could cheat the simulation and the simulation tried to stop you? What if you could reboot the simulation? All of these interesting questions and more are in this thought provoking movie which is only 1 hour and 19 minutes long. 

I don't know if this movie had any kind of limited theatrical run in 2019 but... This is the type of movie I would like to see more of in theaters. Come to think of it, I think Chappie was the last movie I saw in the theater that created an interesting discussion on the drive home. I miss those movies that create a deeper meaning and lend themselves to a broad conversation after it is over. 

For more reading on the Mandela Effect in society just do a Google search on it and then prepare to go down the rabbit hole!!! 

As for the move, this one is a MUST SEE for anyone that likes these kind of thought provoking flicks. Check it out!!! 


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