The Great Mask Gambit

I think the "mask up" thing is funny. When we go to the grocery store and "have to mask up" because this is dumb science which is not science at all. Anyway... Pushing the cart through the aisle and I pass a woman, only to get a massive whiff of perfume. If you can smell the perfume through the mask, then any virus particles are coming right through too. All the mask is, is a placebo effect for people not so keen on science and those who need an excuse to keep living and going out because the media has scared them so badly.

Perfume particles are between 30 and 150 micrometers in diameter.
Virus particles are between about 20 to 400 nanometers in diameter.
1 micrometer = 1000 nanometers.

What does that mean? It means that if perfume particles are getting through to you (they're bigger than virus particles), then virus particles are also getting through.

An 80+ year old dude went to visit his wife in the hospital before she passed away from Covid-19 and he had 2 masks on, gloves, a hospital smock, and the hospital cap over his head. All that "protection" and he still got it and died a week after his wife. Those who die from it, are at risk regardless of "masking up" or not. People wearing masks are still getting the virus. The truth of the matter is all in the science and the science, is not something the majority of the people want to be told. They want a belief in a safe solution and magic pill. 

Some of the dumbest news articles are those that point out a person who didn't wear a mask and then passed away. Really? Now go show those who did wear a mask and passed away. Just dumb media, dumb narratives, dumb science... 

On the flip side... the majority of places, like restaurants where the staff is wearing the mask, but it is below their noses, is growing. That's nice to see. People are getting over the mask nonsense and it is picking up speed.

I see Fanatic is putting your favorite sports teams, who are not even playing, on masks now. All the super sports ball fans have to rush out , drop some $$$ and get their team pride on their face. Sorry but this is NOT going to be a trend that sticks around. 


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