Social Media second thoughts...

I delete everything I post to social media. Sometimes I delete a post within hours of posting it. I'm starting to think that maybe I just don't want to participate in social media of any kind or anything, anymore. I don't really get anything from it anymore. Not like back in the G+ days... Or even earlier in the Myspace days. Back then it was fun to meet new people and debate things. I would rather not debate anything now. There's less of a positive reason to be on social media sites these days. Cancel culture, mob mentality, just more and more negativity. Why bother? 

I'll stick with my blog, my articles on Medium, and that's about it. My Twitter is just a place holder I no longer use. FB is all private and no longer a place I post publicly. I just want this blog and Medium to get my words out there. All of the other stuff just seems rather pointless. 

In the beginning is about cultivating a base so that when my first novel comes out (is self published) there will be a group of people who may buy it. Conversion rate via followers is not really a thing though. We've seen this with the failure of the "influencer class" and how marketing just doesn't work this way. Trust me... I'm no influencer. So why bother thinking that people will click through and buy my book when so very few bother to click through to read my articles and blog entries? Most of my "hits" and views are from outside searches and brought to me by search engines. Social media is at best, minuscule. 

There's too much overexposure and fluff in the world. I don't really learn anything new from the majority of people I follow online. After all, we live in a degrading society where a damn meme is considered a form of valid communication. The dummies control the asylum, never mind the kooks. It's all downhill from here on out... 


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