Cosmos (Prime)

I seem to be on an alien signal kick lately. In the movie Cosmos, three scientists go into the field at night to listen for signals. When they actually find something, then not only does the excitement and wonder ramp up but so does the tension. 

This movie has excellent acting, wonderful cinematography and lighting, plus a musical score that actually orchestrates your feelings for the level and tension and wonder needed. 

The last 15 minutes will have you on the edge of your seat. The final minutes will leave you wishing that this could happen now. While some might get this overwhelming and excited feeling from winning a Super Bowl or World Series, I think a similar accomplishment to these three characters would be above even those fleeting wins that dull with history. I'd much rather be apart of a trio like this and make a lasting and ultimate discovery. I would call this one a MUST SEE!!! 


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