The Lone Ranger Omnibus (Digital - ComiXology/Kindle)

This is the collection of all 25 of the comics making up the last run that The Lone Ranger had. All in all, it was a really good retelling of the origin story. Butch Cavendish is quite sinister while The Loner Ranger's and Tonto's friendship are central to the story. There was even a small plot twist near the end that I did not see coming.

Great art throughout as well as a nice updated look for The Lone Ranger. Tonto does look like Conan (I couldn't get that out of my head) but overall just a really great story and comic book series all wrapped up in one volume.

It goes on sale from time to time on Amazon and on Comixology. (Any comicbook or graphic novel you buy on Amazon can be read in your Comixology library with the much better Comixology guided reader within the app or on the web).


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