Survival of the Fearful or Killing Society with Fear?

Tony the Tiger and Shaq doing a commercial for Frosted Flakes via a video meeting... We have actually arrived at the "New Normal."

I'm not sure how the fear-mongering gets walked back from this point. A bad virus for 0.5% (mortality rate) of the people is the perfect vector to fan the flames of fear. You will probably be just fine but... What if? That fear of "What it?" is all it has taken to grind society to halt. 

This is perfect to keep pushing for years to come. The moment anyone comes down with it, it becomes a red alert. Shut it down. It's the society killer.

I'm watching this show on the Amazon tribes that vanished from catastrophic depopulation via (most likely) viruses. Maybe it was the fear of catching something that dispersed the masses? They simply left. But in an overpopulated world like we live in today, there is nowhere for the people to vanish to.

Humans have lost the ability for survival of the fittest. Humans in a lot of ways have given up on much of FACT and even reality. Mother nature however, may just be saying that "It doesn't work that way." So instead of facing the fear and adapting, the people (instead of disperse) isolate. The virus may not need to kill off millions when the isolation alone will stop the organism via fear, from increasing the population at the previous rate.

It's uncharted territory for a people devoid of common sense and reality, and still, when you get right down to it, filled with fear.


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