It dawned on me last night how bad Twitter is as a platform.

Another strange thing on Twitter happened last night roughly 8 hours ago at 3 AM EST. Elon Musk Tweeted:

This will probably get me into trouble, but I feel I have to say it (sic)

Then he waited about 9 minutes before he followed up and in that time the tweet gained 4.8K comments, 2.2K retweets, and 21.9K hearts.

He literally said nothing in that tweet that would require any human to respond to it. I'm sure there were some bots but I'm also pretty sure most were humans hitting likes, retweets, and making those comments. It sort of dawned on me how bad Twitter is as a platform. Someone with followers can make a Tweet and sit back while actual "followers" can stroke their ego before ever having said anything. He followed up with a statement on pot stores being essential businesses. Rather a letdown follow up and statement when you think that this is the brilliant guy (much respect) who brought us Space X. 
You can see the retweets to that one turning over just 46 seconds in with the follow up. And in the below picture you can see the totals as of right now at 11:12 AM EST. 
Twitter as a platform doesn't foster a place for good communication. It promotes a follower relationship where one has the soapbox and the rest wait in anticipation for words to be tweeted out. It's a broadcast platform that excels at being the absolute best place for the vile virtue signalling we see everyday now. While this tweet from Musk means nothing big, it shows that even something with hardly any importance can be spread far and wide by those in the drivers seat. This is exactly how the cancel culture mobs form and ruin people online. Someone with a following tweets their anger/rage/offense and their followers instantly jump on the train and join in on the mobbing of the target. 

Overall... Twitter is a very negative and angry platform. It's where you go to complain/rail/ and scream your anger to the world (or the void if you have no followers). Twitter is probably the worst social platform out there (yes, beating even Facebook) as far as negativity and rage are concerned. It's a horrible place for creatives to promote things like books, art, music, or really anything with a positive creative flow, because people don't go to Twitter for that. They go for the expression of negativity and the link sharing of "news" for which they can rail on. 

I'm not sure that I want to participate in the Twitter platform anymore. 


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