Tips for Sword Collecting


If you just want a wall hanger display sword then it doesn't matter. But if you are looking for a functional sword then research really does matter.

Some key words that you want to see and look out for are words like: Full Tang, Carbon Fiber, Spring Steel.

Things to run from are: Half tang or rat tail tangs that are spot welded, stainless steel, and generally a $30 sword is going to just be bad. Do not swing these things or try to cut something. Leave them on your wall only.

PLEASE... Do not buy a sword from Amazon either, unless you know exactly what you are buying and who you are buying from. Amazon is filled with swords from bad dealers like BudK or CutleryUSA (same thing), they make knock offs and pure crap. So if you see something you like on Amazon, do your due diligence and RESEARCH it.

Starting out you need info so do some research and go to SBG - Sword Buyers Guide:


My Armoury:

Buy from places such as:

Kult of Athena:


You can check out reviews online from notable and trusted people like Skallagrim:

And SBG has a ton of videos and reviews too. Something for everyone. So enjoy the journey and have fun collecting


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