The Birthday Wipe Out and some of this and that...

I turned 45 and decided hey, I have only been on the skateboard for 2 weeks since way back in the mid 80's to early 90's but I can jump that curb... right? Not so much. Where the valley of the curb meets the raised black top of the road caught my back wheels. The board stopped fast and I kept on going. Straight to the road and then a slide. I got that road rash burn on my right palm and down the inside of my arm to my elbow and then on my right knee. Being conscience of the fact that my phone was in my left pocket, I think I subconsciously leaned more into the right for my pavement belly flop slide. So no damage to my Pixel 3 XL thank you very much!!! However, the muscles in my shoulder hurt a bit more today than the road burn. Taking a fall was bound to happen sooner or later. 
The black top lip is higher than you can see in the picture.

Next time... I'll apply more speed so my back wheels clear the black top lip. Also, just before my front wheels leave the curb I'll do an ollie so I can get a bit more air and hang time (and maybe wear the pads and helmet I bought because... well.. that would just be smart). 

In other news... I deleted my MeWe account. Those jokers could never fix an issue I've had since October 2019. I had a phantom contact notification. My best guess is that someone sent me a contact request and then blocked me before I saw it. Therefore, I could not see their account to clear the notification. I sent 10 or more trouble tickets, contacted them on Twitter, sent them the issue to their email but they never fixed it. As someone who paid for sticker and emoji packs to support the site, the lack of communication or getting a fix pissed me off. So today I deleted the account completely. It wasn't taking off anyway... 
After re-watching Fight Club again I figured it was time to read the book. So far it has been a great read. It's in first person so right off the bat I'm enjoying it immensely. As someone who likes to not only read but also write in first person, this is a good thing. I'm taking a slight detour from the tedium of the 8th Expanse book. Only the odd number books are good. The even ones all come off as boring filler. Thank goodness the ninth and final one is an odd numbered one. I'll get back to them after finishing Fight Club. Speaking of which... Fight Club is not only a life or mid-life crisis story but it's also an action rom-com love story between a man, a woman, and the man's psychotic mind. Change my mind!!! 

My wife (software developer) is taking an AWS class. She got to the part yesterday that dealt with networking and hardware (my thing) and she was bored out of her mind and had a hard time getting it. I told her, "Now you know how I feel with software programming and coding?" There are people that can be a bridge to both but for most, you find either hardware OR software your niche. I'm not a coder. It hurts my brain trying to decipher code sometimes. It's much easier to write about hardware and even an application front facing UI than explain the associations between coding terms. Maybe now I won't hear her say that I should take a programming class. Yeah... if I needed a really good nap.... maybe... 

That's all I have now... It's a long weekend and I'm going to enjoy it!!! 



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