Hanwei Practical Shinobi Ninja-to


The Hanwei Practical Shinobi Ninja-to is a really solid and nice sword. There's a nice weight to it that makes it feel really good in the hand. The overall length of the sword is 34 1/2" with the blade being 24". It comes sharp so if you are one who likes to do some cutting, you will be happy. 

If you are a fan of the straight, short, Hollywood style of the Ninja sword then this one fits the bill. From the look of the blade, to the square tsuba, to the nice wrap on the tsuka, it's a great sword for an excellent price. Check full specs and price from Kult of Athena (HERE).

One of the things I really love about this sword is how the point was done in a straight edge. Most Ninja swords carry over the rounded katana edge but this one is straight to really nice point. When you think about it, close quarters, short blade, a real point makes sense. 

I think this Ninja-to was an excellent addition to my collection. Below is a size comparison with my Oniyuri and Musha Ninja swords: 

From T - B: Hanwei, Musha, Oniyuri


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