Hanwei Kouga Ninja-to


The Hanwei Kouga Ninja-to is right up there with my Oniyuri as my "grail" swords. It just edges out the Hanwei Practical based on style points and the overall look of that iconic straight blade ninja sword. 

The overall length is 34 3/8" with a blade that is 22 3/4" long. The point is curved like that of a katana and the blade comes sharp. The tsuka is nicely wrapped and bit more slender than the tsuka's on my other Ninja swords. Compared to the Hanwei Practical, this is a much lighter ninja sword. The tsuba is a bigger... or rather wider and more pronounced. It has kanji symbols at the 4 points and it looks really nice. 

This particular Ninja-to goes in and out of stock quite a bit. So if you see it in stock and have been wanting it, you should definitely pull the trigger right away. For more information on specs and price for the Hanwei Kouga Ninja-to check it out on Kult of Athena (HERE).

Below is size comparison with the Oniyuri, Musha, and Hanwei Practical: 

From T - B: Hanwei Kouga, Hanwei Practical, Musha, Oniyuri


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