Excalibur - Sword of Kings

The first sword I bought was the replica Excalibur sword which really isn't much of a replica at all. Nothing like the one in the move Excalibur but it did (past tense) have the wire wrapped handle like the Excalibur movie sword, and it was also affordable. It's nice to look at and the blade, while stainless steel, looks good when showing it off for just display purposes. I wouldn't go swinging it around or trying to cut anything, but just for display purposes it looks nice.
The wire wrapped handle ended up popping off at the end and unraveling itself to an extent. It was very unmanageable and unfortunately that design feature could not be saved and I just removed it altogether. Later on I did get one of the nice and real Excalibur swords which does look like the movie version. That will be in a post entry of its own. 


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