Bushido Musashi - Koga Black Ninja Sword

My first proper Ninja Sword was the Bushido Musashi - Koga Black Ninja Sword w/ a full Tang. I bought this one from Trueswords.com. This sword is very nice and my first fully functional and sharp sword.
Now I know the "Ninja-to" straight sword never existed in historical Nippon (Japan) but I grew up watching Hollywood Ninja flicks in the 80's and this was the Hollywood sword that introduced a generation of us to the Ninja. Regardless of the historical accuracy, it's a cool sword.
This one is longer than a "traditionally thought of" Ninja-to (Overall 40 3/4 inches as opposed to 34 1/2 inches). Even so... it cuts like a trooper. Even the thick Bamboo (yes bamboo grows in Georgia and is quite common) cuts effortlessly. The blade is black and looks very nice. Carbon Steel and a full tang held in place by 2 mekugi pegs, this is a fully functional blade.
I bought it for $59.99 but that price does change. It's been in the $60 - $70 range lately. Sword Buyers Guide is like the Bible of websites for sword collectors and the review of this sword is HERE.

If you want an affordable Ninja sword that looks very nice and is fully functional then this is one you should definitely check out.


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