When Hysteria brings Worldwide Economic Collapse

The hysteria from politicians, the media, and even various social media people has quite literally put us at the edge (we may actually be over it) of a worldwide economic collapse. The flu kills more people than this Covid-19 Coronavirus but the panic mode that comes from the media and the politicians are ignoring that. Instead schools have been canceled, bars and restaurants and even malls have been shut down, the sports industry is non-existent, movie theaters are locked up, and the economy is grinding to a halt.

No one thinks about the cause and effect of shutting down the economy though. Millions of people will be laid off and lose their jobs. Unemployment, food stamps, and welfare roles will climb. Business will tank, while other businesses will get fat bailouts from the government who really can't afford to be printing money and adding to an already mountain of debt. Crime will rise. Death from that crime will most likely be more than the amount of people who die from the virus. None of this matters though. It doesn't matter because we have idiots for leaders and idiots in the media.

Those who are sick or susceptible to getting sick should self quarantine. Everyone else should be going about their normal daily lives. Wash your hands, cough into your arm, and don't touch your eyes and face while out and about. Instead we have idiocy verging on martial law taking place.
The Republicans became Democrats almost over night. Some are even embracing the idea of a UBI (Universal Basic Income). Trump is planning on a UBI payment of up to $2,000. Where oh where is this money coming from? Oh right... We're just going to print more money, increase the debt on a society that has most of its economic system shutdown. and then call it a day. No wonder the Democrats are remaining quiet right now. Trump is becoming more their man than the senile old dude they have chosen or the crackpot Socialist running in second place. Why speak up when the opposition is basically doing what you want?

The kicker for me is the social media Republicans and Conservatives that post all day long and are basically all for this stuff. From shutting beaches and malls down to implementing curfews... Yeah... your authoritarianism and Fascism is kind of showing here. No wonder the youth is angry.  You fools are fueling the hysteria and the fear mongering. You are walking right into the left's hands and they didn't have to lift a finger to make it happen.
On the flip side, this event has shown why over regulation (and we are over regulated in the US) is bad. So many things have had to be rolled back or suspended just so red tape could be bypassed. That proves that that governmental red tape should not be there in the first place. A prime point of red tape is the occupational licenses that states use to make money. There should not be any occupational license that is governed by the state or federal government. All that is, is "we the people" buying a right to use our skills so the government can say, "You've paid us and now you can use them." What kind if idiocy is that??? It's damn stupid that everyone from doctors to nurses to police to even real estate agents have to be licensed in each state to practice a skill set. Talk about a scam, occupational licensing is clearly one. The fact that doctors can't practice across state lines has stalled with efforts to help people who are sick. Yet hey... the states have to get their money.

We can also see how social media burns like a brush fire in spreading the fear and hysteria. People ran out and bought all of the paper towels and toilet paper. Why??? On second thought, maybe it was a good idea because the stupid government has shut everything down and a financial collapse will be much much worse than this virus. The people that are fear mongering are doing it all day long. They are tagging politicians and those politicians are reading in their echo chamber, and that just increases the urgency to do something. What we get is a massive overreaction. That overreaction in turn leads to what looks like a massive financial collapse. Honestly... I know everyone is "self quarantining" but you need to get off of social media and just go about your lives. The government, the media, and those pushing to shut everything down are a much bigger problem than the virus itself.


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