Just give me a Jetpack already!!!

Seriously, where is my jetpack?

I remember being in grade school and one of my teachers said that by the time we were all adults we would be flying around with jetpacks on our backs. I remember Michael Jackson flying into a stadium on one and then thinking that that day was right around the corner. I remember marveling at the movie The Rocketeer and thinking that day will come for us soon. However... We're still waiting...

Today's Jetpacks can keep you aloft for around a minute and thirty seconds or so before the fuel is spent. You can't really get anywhere in that amount of time. I get the feeling that I'll never get my jetpack. As technology has progressed the innovations are all about things getting smaller or being able to connect to the mother internet. A jetpack is now just looked at as more of a sci-fi throwback and that's a shame. I really want my jetpack.


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