Covid-19 Diary: Entry 2

The wasteland is a rough place. There are paper towel and toilet paper hoarders everywhere. You're lucky if you can find a gallon of milk or even a loaf of bread. In these trying times, one must always be vigilant and on the lookout for the essentials needed to survive!!!

Braving the mad hoards that rush Costco as the gates are opening is no easy task. The sick were ravenous and everywhere!!! No amount of cleaning solution could hold them back. It took cunning and skill just to slip through the throng, acquire a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and the paper towels that are now like gold to a ravenous society!!!
Once back in the bunker, the doors are locked, the defenses initiated, and the waiting begins. Luckily, there are sharp weapons that can cut the sick down when their mindless hive mind scavenging sets in.
The road through the sick is long and the threat is everywhere. Stay sharp my friends and hold the line!!!


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