What is Best in Life?

If you were to ask the question, "What is best in life?" to Conan the Barbarian, he would respond, "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."
For the rest of us though... It could be many things from family, faith, hobbies, travel, to (for some) work. I think being able to write is a nice thing to be able to do in life. I like watching movies and TV. Relaxation is swell and sleep is divine. But does anything fall under the "Best in Life" category? How can one even judge that until one has lived their entire life? I can point back to life experiences, feelings, and an atmosphere of being, but even then... "BEST in LIFE?" I really haven't a clue.

In modern society, due to the high speed of information and the frenetic way that life moves, everything is pretty damn fleeting. You have to grab those "Best in Life" moments when they come because the noise level of living is so loud now. And maybe that is the sum total of what "Best in Life" truly is, a collection of moments throughout one's own life.

I kick the saying around by its definition. Does it translate into "What brings us the most joy?" If so then we have to use math, percentages, and all sorts of things that make life drab, to figure it out. No one wants to live their life by a damn spreadsheet or office "production" software (looking at you Microsoft). Lets just ignore the math, stats,and formulas. 
So maybe you just have to make what is "Best in Life" a term that works for YOU. Or you could be Conan and go out, make war, and conquer, so that you can hear the lamentations of the women. After all... who am I to judge what is music to your ears and what is "Best in Life" for you...


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