The Evil Suit

I, and I would go so far as to say, many others, do not see the "suit," as a sharp form of dressing. When I see a person in a suit, or even button up shirt and slacks, I see a person with an ulterior motive, dressing to somehow rip me off. I despise ever having to wear these monkey suits. It's not comfortable. It's not conducive to most work, and it's just stupid in this day and age.

The people that love dressing in suits are generally egotistical and have some scheme to game one another just to get some more money. A suit is the sign of a villain to the regular folks of the world. When you think of a suit you think lawyer, banker, politician, corporate tycoon... None of which inspire feelings of warmth, only distrust.
As an example, if I'm meeting a Realtor, I'd more than likely use the services of the one that dresses casual and normal vs the one in a suit that is probably trying to make up for their experience with the monkey suit facade. I want to associate with people that fit my comfort level, not those that have some sort of superiority complex.

Another thing, the titans of the tech world, the multi billion tech movers and shakers have all evolved past dressing in button up and wearing suits. Meanwhile, the companies that were once on top, cling to these outdated forms of attire, like it gives them some sort of superior power. 

So why does society still cling to this outdated and rather lame dress style??? If you figure that out, let me know.


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