Korn Tickets went on Pre-Sale Today... But that PRICE$$$

But… I’m going to have to pass. The price is just insane. The price of some good seats were $99.50 x2 and I’m at $200. Okay… I’m good with that so far. It’s steep but this is pretty close and this will be an awesome show. But.. 

Now you have to add on the $22.50 for the service fee… FOR EACH TICKET. That’s another $45.00. But wait… there is an additional $5.00 order processing fee. So now I’m at $250 with the junk fees… 

But wait… The government has to get their share because… Apparently an experience is taxable. That’s $15.42. So that brings me to a grand total of $264.42. That’s $64.42 of junk fees.

1) On one order it is nonsense to charge $22.50 for each ticket. 

2) If you are already charging me a service fee, what the fuck is this $5.00 double dipping processing fee for??? Servicing and processing are the same damn thing!!!

3) Taxes on a concert experience is stupid. They can get a percentage of the merch sales. That’s a tangible and physical buy. This is the experience of seeing it. So I’m being taxed for standing or sitting in that venue for that period of time simply because I occupy that specific space? LAME!!!

So… No, I didn’t pull the trigger. I’d love to see them again (see blog post on when I saw them WAY BACK in the day), but I’m not dropping that much money with that much of the amount just being junk fees. The price of concert tickets is pretty ridiculous after the middle man markup is added. I remember in the 90's when Pearl Jam fought TicketMaster when they went above the $4.50/ticket service charge amount. Just look at the insanity now!!! There is no excuse for that much of a markup from the ticketing service.

(UPDATE 2/29/20)
I grabbed a couple of general admission lawn tickets. They were priced decently and the view is pretty good because of the slope so... I'll be there!!!


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