Twitter... Society... is BROKEN

A person passes tragically and the masses need to run to social media (Twitter especially) and post their RIP's and farewells. From "My heart is broken" to "This can't be," the Tweets kept coming. But why? None of these people knew the person in real life. Many, I know for a fact, never even had a link or care for what the person did. Yet still... The lamentations fall forth.

Humans are broken. They are easy to react to "BREAKING NEWS" and then for the sake of likes, hearts, re-posts, and re-tweets, they yearn to put their voices out there and try to "relate." To me it rings as disingenuous. Mourning a loss does NOT mean rushing to social media to give your HOT TAKE and your condolence. Especially if YOU had nothing to do with the person. Why does wishing the family of the person well, require YOU posting it? That post has nothing to do with the family and everything to do with YOU trying to capitalize on that persons passing with YOUR public acknowledgement of the event.

I'm quite sure the family of the person does not wish to see, view, or be constantly reminded of the event that led to the passing with a stream of social media posts and hashtags that led to your post or tweet capitalizing on the event. If you really want to mourn, then do so to yourself, instead of placing yourself at the center of attention seeking with a social media post.


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