Missing in Action

I've been MIA since my last post but that's mainly because I've been working on some in depth articles to post on Medium. Why post there and not here directly? Well... I'd really like to try and get paid for my writing. The two articles I wrote are more in depth than usual and again... It would be grand to make some cash from all of these words once in awhile.

Links to Medium articles:
Down the Privacy Rabbit Hole: A real lesson in practical privacy. 11/13/19
The Underside of Technology News: What the tech media isn't telling you. 11/16/19

My Medium articles are going to be focused on Technology, Privacy, and Security. Those three things in conjunction with each other. So I'm not going to be pushing out posts on what I think of the newest gadgets or posting about how the government is trying to give Zuckerberg a wedgie this week. I want these articles to be in depth pieces and op-eds that are also informative and solid.
I may also give tutorials on privacy focused devices and utilities as I go. Such as my undertaking of learning about Kali Linux and playing with Signal for messaging, and FireFox and Brave for browsing. It will still fall under the 3 main topics of interest that I've picked out to talk about there. I've been told that I should be focused when writing there, so that is what I will do.

I've got to find some way to crossover so that writing can start to pay off. I'm so burned out on the same old same old Windows and Office business IT department support doldrums. I'd much rather go into Technical Writing or even IT security and penetration testing than wasting more time with my current career track.

This has also opened my eyes to something too. I've had an exciting time so far with dipping my feet into the Linux and privacy waters. I've found myself really getting into these things that I'm self learning as opposed to sitting in some class and being droned on to by a system that is really just there to make money and doesn't care about actual learning. I learn better by doing hands on and in my own way vs some mandate structure where you are shoved information that isn't even relevant half the time.

So back to Kali and back to putting my thoughts in motion for my next article...


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