The Ninja Writes week in review (9/30/19)

My latest article, Have we reached peak Privacy Paranoia, has been published up on Techaeris. Please click on over there to read it and share it out. (CLICK HERE to LINK)
I think I'm going to be alternating "The Week in Review" with the "NinjaTech" posting. NinjaTech coincides with the ScannerDrome Gasmask Podcast (which is tech) so it makes more sense to release it with that. Meanwhile, the week in review doesn't always have enough content to be weekly. So, that's my thinking out loud in how I'll be releasing these things.  
Unbelievable (Netflix) was really good. It's a limited series on Netflix that is based on a true story. The acting is stellar, the story draws you in, and the payoff is worth it. So definitely check this one out (only 8 episodes).
I started watching Undone (Prime) and so far (2 episodes in) I'm enjoying the style of animation over live action acting. The story seems pretty interesting so when I'm through with this one I'll report back.

That was the week... I'll have quite a bit to talk about in NinjaTech next week with all of the the Microsoft devices that were announced and yet more Windows Updates breaking things... Catch you then!!!


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