NinjaTech: There be an Android in these Windows

Windows goes Android
The Surface Duo is the upcoming phone from Microsoft (like Christmas of NEXT year). It was created in partnership between Microsoft and Google and will be running on Android with the Play Store. It’s dual screen and somewhat a companion piece to the Surface Neo, which is the larger dual screen tablet/laptop/whatever it is… that runs on Windows 10X. I think having two separate screens makes more sense than the way Samsung is hitting this with a fold out screen. Still… I’m not exactly sure who will buy into it. Maybe business people and possibly gamers but a dual screen for the majority of people will not be popular. Add to that the cost of two screens on the unknown price of this device and you will probably be quite expensive. Also, when you get a call, you have to flip it open to see who is calling or answer it. That's a lot to ask. It’s a cool idea for an all in one device but honestly… just not much practicality. That goes double for the Surface Neo… You can slap on a magnetic mini keyboard but still… I’m just not sure who this device is for, especially when some outrageous price is probably going to be announced??? 
32 to 64 to 32… (sigh)
The Surface Pro X is being touted as the future of the Surface. It runs an Arm processor so… What was that? Yes, it will run some 32 bit programs in emulation. No… not 64. Yes, I know they’ve been pushing everyone to 64 but this is the call to return to 32 for the future. Why? Mostly because old codgers refuse to evolve and Microsoft just said screw it and wants to satisfy them. Yeah… I know that’s dumb… The Surface Pro X looks nice, stores a carpenter type of pen in the keyboard, and has more screen than the Surface Pro 7 iteration update (I’m not sure why they even bothered updating it, USB-C is the only real new addition), but… Are we really going back to 32 bit??? There were some laptops released AMD too but a laptop is laptop is laptop so… 
The Pixelbook GO…
I don't get this device. It's just a clamshell. No 2-in-1 option. It's 16:9 and not 3:2 so it's not suited for internet browsing. It has a 4K option (to go with the 16:9 for movie watching???) so it's not going to be cheap, probable even the lowest spec'ed tier will be up there. Oh Google… this is like 10 steps back from the last Pixelbook and Pixel Slate devices. I hope they have something else to offer besides the GO because the GO is already gone. 

Damn… I think I just figured out the odd specs… 16:9 and 4K with an upright clamshell that has a ribbed no slip bottom = This is leaning in to be THE Stadia on the GO device. They are going to tie it to Stadia as the go to Chromebook for it. And it has a headphone jack… all the clues are right there. 
Chrome Canvas and some Art Apps
I started playing with Chrome Canvas on the Pixel Slate. So far, it's kind of nice. It's definitely not as full functioned as Clip Paint Studio on my Surface Pro 4.
I also tried out Infinite Painter ($7.99) on the Slate. This is a bit more full featured for art but one of the biggest issues in both Chrome apps is that they can't judge between hand/finger moving the page and the pen writing on the page. So you have to do some erasing if you try to move the page around. Both are serviceable for drawing and give you the ability to use layers. For ChromeOS, they are both pretty impressive but there is room for improvement. 
I also downloaded Microsoft's new Sketchpal to the SP4 and while it was actually rather nice, with the ability to also do layers, it kept crashing and I'd lose my entire creation. After the third time I just decided to wait until some bugs have been worked out. I can see that this will be a pretty cool app when it is finally stable and it is free to download. 
Clip Paint Studio is still the most full featured and intuitive of the artist apps/programs I use. Learning it can be daunting and I'm still learning new things to try on it, such as animating an uploaded picture. If you like to draw and create and have a Windows machine then I would say that for the money this is a good buy. It's not a subscription like Photoshop either, so that's a plus!!! 
Mr. Robot is back!!!
Yeah, I know… This is entertainment but it also clearly falls in the best tech cyberpunk show on TV so here it is. Let's chat… (SPOILERS INCOMING)...

Angela being killed off in the very beginning was shocking to say the least. Darlene breaking down from her being gone, makes me think that maybe she will start seeing Angela in the same way that Elliot sees Mr. Robot (his Dad). I like we're Darlene was breaking down and Elliot couldn't handle it so he turned right and moved out of the way as Mr. Robot took over his mental state in an effort to calm Darlene down. I thought that that was excellent film making right there. I still don't know what White Rose's ultimate plan is but it's got to be huge. Elliot falling for the reality version of the honey pot was great poetry to the honey pot on the server in season 1. The whole episode was filled with tension just like every episode last season. I thought only 10 minutes had gone by, looked at the clock and 30 minutes had passed. There were no commercials in the first episode so it felt like it flew by. I can't wait for episode 2 this Sunday at 10pm on USA.


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