The easy way around California's AB5 Law

California's AB5 law to reclassify Uber/Lyft and ride share freelance workers as employees will end up killing the gig economy in California and hurting people more than they think. 
First, Uber/Lyft need to implement block hours. More block hours at peak times will be available. First come first serve so better snap them up. But wait… let's do it in blocks of 2 to 4. So if you take that 4 hour shift, you work it and you can't pick and choose what fares you pick up. If a fare is sent to you, you HAVE to pick it up. Oh… and no dual employment. Since you are on the clock for one, you can't also be on the clock for the other. 
Before we forget, you will be able to grab blocks adding up to 30 hours total. You will be part time drivers now. At 30 hours, you will be unable to take anymore blocks of time for the week. Once you hit that 30, you have to wait until the next weeks blocks open up for you to claim a schedule. You will also still not get Healthcare, PTO, or any benefits. You will need to fight for your blocks too because if you don't, someone else will take them. For off peak hours, good luck getting them with the other company because they're drivers will be fighting for them too. There will be a lot less hours to go around and there is no sense in paying someone an hourly minimum wage if the work isn't there.

Nope… you will be getting $15/hour for 30 hours or less a week (dependent on how the blocks need to be filled) and you will get a payroll check every 2 weeks, minus all those lovely taxes. 

Welcome to part time at Uber/Lyft and enjoy the ride YOU created!!!

I find this all funny because minimum wage jobs for teens and retirees along with gig jobs that were meant to be side gigs for extra cash, keep getting filled by people who think they should be full time jobs. None of these jobs were meant for full time but some person with no skill set takes the position, then whines about not being paid more, then government comes to their aid and forces some stupid law, which in turn makes the company have to change things up so it can survive, and the person that was selfish enough to whine has then ruined it for everyone. 
Let's also not forget that both Uber and Lyft have NEVER made a profit and run off the money of investors. When those investors finally see that there is zero money in return for their investment, then the company goes away. Congrats you selfish people who believed you were entitled to more and will eventually ruin it all. You are really winners... Winners of the idiot brigade... 


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