Augmentation and Upgrades

Unfortunately, all of our dreams about augmentation and bionic parts and such are going to be tanked by the fact that in reality we will have the ever constant upgrade, update, and subscription service on parts. You know I'm right. Just like games that ship half-assed and gadgets that ship with future updates in mind, augmentations will be marketed just the same.

If you bought that ultra cool XT-1000 arm augmentation, get ready because you will need to get the upgrade subscription pass in order to get the most out of it from future updates. Don't worry though, just like the current smart phones of today, there will be a refreshed model next year, possibly the XT-2000, which will make that XT-1000 look clunky and old.
Don't forget, you'll only get augmentation security updates for 2 years, so after that, some hacker might just crack into your arm and then shove your finger up your own ass. What better way to make you move from that old XT-1000 to the super cool and new (and EXPENSIVE) XT-3000???

Sadly, the update, upgrade, subscription thing will be in full effect for augmentation. Companies already know that they can milk money from it with tech and gaming so it's only obvious that the same will apply when augmentation takes off. Better get used to it now. And be careful about buying from that no name brand that may just turn their servers off and your augmentation just stops functioning altogether. That would just be bad.


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