Disney pushes Star Wars & the MCU past the Saturation Point

Disney just announced a bunch of new shows for their Disney+ (forever on to be called simply D+) streaming service, and I, unlike the mindless masses of sheep, am not impressed. 
Let's start with The Mandalorian, which is a TV show about a Boba Fett clone (or something) bounty hunter. Think wild West gunslinger in space. To start with… I didn't get any of the Star Wars "chills" while watching the trailer. It was just more Star Wars paint by the numbers. Come to think of it… I didn't get any of those "chills" with the trailer for The Rise of Skywalker either. I really think that I'm just bored with Star Wars/Trek (I know, Trek is CBS/Paramount but that shit is old too). When you’ve lost the chills… You know something is up. 

Then you have the Obi-wan announcement and… well… meh… who the fuck cares about Obi-wan??? Either go 100 years into the future or go back 1000 years to The Knights of the Old Republic or don't bother. Frankly, those two time periods are the only interesting things left for Star Wars at this point… in my minority opinion anyway. 
Then Marvel reps came on stage and announced Tv shows on D+ for She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel… that's in addition to the already announced Loki, Cap/Falcon/Winter soldier show, WandaVision, and whatever else I'm probably forgetting, since there is just too damn much of it now. For crying out loud, we’re getting a movie for The Eternals… Why? There are fans of the comics who don’t even know or care about them. It’s just more filler. 
You know what? Thank you Sony for taking Spider-Man back from the greedy clutches of Disney/Marvel. Push the Spider-verse and I'll follow that because there is just too damn much stuff in the MCU to follow and I just don't want to do it. It'll be easy to write too. Spider-Man gets zapped by something in the very beginning that catapults him into an identical universe while his self in that universe trades places with him into the MCU. There… we follow the Spider-Man we've gotten to know and the MCU has a doppleganger. Easy peasy. Get it done Sony!!! You can do it!!! (Of course, this will also be the universe Venom is in so we can have Spider-Man grow up a bit and take him on.

I really think Star Wars/Trek and the MCU needs to be put on ice for at least 10 years. Give us a break already. Yes… I know… I'm in the minority here. Judging by the sheep on Twitter, they are just eating it up. I lost count of how many Tweets said, "Take my fucking $$$$$$$ Disney!!!!!!!!" D+ will be a huge success day one for the mindless masses that love generic franchises that are no longer moving forward or innovating. It's the same old, same old, and the masses sleep warm knowing that. It warms their ever loving cockles. 

Meanwhile, sci-fi and fantasy TV comes out and is constantly compared to Star Wars/Trek and the MCU. Or it is compared by "real physics and science" which for some reason Star Wars/Trek and the MCU gets a pass on. The fans constantly ask for something new and then shit all over everything new so they can consume the same old franchises over and over. The fans are absolute nutters. With fans like these, who needs enemies?


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