To those who offered the Life Lessons… Thanks

Social Media has been good for one particular thing, and that is the ability to find people from the past who were influential in my own growth as a human being. I'm not talking friends and family here. I'm talking about people who took a moment of their time and imparted some nugget of truth, information, or valued lesson that brought it home and got through to you, to the point where you find yourself always going back to that lesson throughout your life. Be they former managers you worked for, teachers who showed interest, or whoever. You can generally find these people, message them, and say thanks.

Normally, if it is someone deep in the past, I'll just drop a small reminder of who I am in relation to them, then quickly sum up the advice or nugget they imparted, and say thanks (a small little paragraph is fine, no need to tell them your life story). Easy as that. People more current obviously know me so I can just skip the intro and get straight to the advice given and the thank you. I think people should not only hear that they have been a positive influence, but it also makes them feel good too. Putting out some good positivity and happiness in the world is good thing. 

In a weird way, maybe selfishly even, it makes me feel good to let them know that they were influential at some point in my life. But hey… at least everyone gets to feel good and it is a positive and happy thing. 

I think as I get older, I do take notice of those bits and pieces more often and I do see that they are much like guidelines on the road of life. So if you can find those people that were influential to you on social media, go ahead and say thanks. I think that is more what the creator of social media had in mind anyway, instead of streams of memes, political negativity, and snark all day long. So it’s a good way to use the tools correctly.

PS: We never stop learning so don't forget to thank the people you learn from in the present too!!!


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