Disproving The Great Hack (Netflix)

This is where I will Disprove The Great Hack (Netflix) documentary using facts, common sense, reason, and logic in a running commentary.
  1. To start, the narrator claims the deep division came about in 2016. This is utter BS. For HIM, maybe it did. You have to remember that when watching this show, it is from the far left. Trump and BREXIT are the outcome of a division that took place over the internet and from online data and created this deep division. Obviously, back in 2008 and 2012, everything just whole and beautiful for HIM. BUT because his team lost, he has to find a reason for it to have lost. That’s basically what this whole movie is. A way to justify being a sore loser. Let me tell you, when Obama won back on 2008, I’d say 50% of the side HE wasn’t on, felt like the entire world divided right then and there. 
  2. The former CEO of Cambridge Analytica (the evil shadow corporation in this documentary) states that the way the previous Obama campaign used data for their campaigns was the basis for CA going forward. BUT… It wasn’t a bad thing for that campaign to use apparently because the narrator and everyone involved in this documentary is swings left. 
  3. Ted Cruz used Cambridge Analytica… How’d that work out? Does he have “President” before his name right now? 
  4. CA moved to the Trump campaign when Ted Cruz didn’t win the primary (using CA to try and win… but he didn’t). They took 5,000 data points from a survey that was given out. Probability was used and from the thousands who took the survey, they inferred what every American would fall in line with. (So… they didn’t actually have data on EVERY American. They had an inference of data). 
  5. Here we go… The “Crooked Hillary” and such propaganda. Except… The majority of the news lambasted that tact or ignored it. And online, where there are far more people on the left in social media, they were already against it. The very fact that all of this data revolves around a social media campaign, where the majority are leftists in an echo chamber, already disproves that the social media campaigns were the reason Trump won. (He won because the leftists online in their echo chambers as well as the media who now-a-days only run stories from online echo chambers, are out of touch with the rest of the country. Middle America was not seeing nor paying attention to the online campaign. They were just sick of the last 8 years when the division first came about.)
  6. They make mention that Trump defying the polls, the media and the political class… see above… all three of those things come from the echo chambers. Out of touch. 
  7. I actually feel like Cambridge Analytica is taking credit for everything when they didn’t really have anything to do with it. Which also makes sense because in order to sign up more politicians and companies in the future, it is to their benefit to take credit for “the miraculous Trump upset” even though they didn’t have much to do with it. CA even says that they could see this as a path to being a billion dollar company. Ego… 
  8. Next we move on to BREXIT being the fault of Cambridge Analytica because of course… Sore Losers. Again, online echo chambers were anti BREXIT while the majority in the real world were pro-BREXIT. The new PM that just took power, is more proof of this. Otherwise, they would have had an anti-BREXIT PM now. 
  9. Cambridge Analytica being called a “propaganda machine” is funny. Funny because they do elevate probability and targeting but probability and targeting has been going on forever and has been used in every campaign ever ran. Technology just uses more data sets from more places. But still… same as always… 
  10. Again… 200,000 or so data sets to infer on everyone. So again… YOUR data was not stolen on FB most likely (2.8 Billion people, so 200,000 is miniscule), it was inferred. 
  11. Now it has been “grossly unethical” to use this info from FB. The majority was public. Any private info would be unethical but… I’m not convinced by the data scientist that they saw private post and chat info. He hesitated when he said that and it didn’t sound authentic at all. So… we have public info, freely shared, publicly on the site. Not unethical as it was public. 
  12. The narrator is yelling privacy but still using FB, Instagram, Twitter, and Google. Talk about a raging hypocrite. He can kill his accounts but he chooses to whine. 
  13. The majority of censored posts, stories, and even sites and apps were from the right. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, all lean left. Gab was the main right wing site and Google delisted the app and made it near impossible for those Gab users to get on. ISP’s wouldn’t even carry the site. How did all of the platforms that were working to get Clinton elected and BREXIT killed, then fail due to targeted ads on their very own platforms? Completely ludicrous. Middle America and the English working class are just ignored as being a majority in these things and that is why this really bad leftist propaganda documentary fails so hard.
  14. The data scientist calls using probability “cheating.” He drips sore loser from his very pores. 
  15. Brittany Kaiser...talk about ego and thinking like a conspiracy theorist. I highly doubt that anyone is looking for her GPS coordinates. 
  16. Quick thought: If you convince someone to vote your way, that’s not cheating. That’s winning. That’s what every politician does daily. If you use tech to do it, then you are ahead of the game. Still not cheating. 
  17. The interviewer manipulates Brittany Kaiser as she is answering a question because it isn’t what he wanted. And the answer is still, when a user goes to vote, it is still 100% their choice. They can believe what they heard or not. It’s a 50/50 split in what to believe in most cases of voting. So again, this is the sore loser side whining because they lost and they need an excuse to validate their loss as “cheating.” 
  18. And another admission that the Obama campaign invented the way social media is used to convince voters. But this wasn’t seen as bad or cheating then??? Partisan sides… 
  19. The “Persuadables.” EVERY campaign targets these same people in every election. Just because tech and a huge platform is involved doesn’t change the past. 
  20. Personalized content on the web is no different than being bombarded with campaign ads on TV. 9 times out of 10 you are seeing the ideology you already fall in line with. So the targeted advertising isn’t really doing anything or persuading anyone. Again, middle America was sick over the last 8 years of being ignored. THAT was the main thing that won the 2016 election. Obama had divided the country so badly that those in middle America and those that were ignored stepped up. They took the polar opposite of Obama and unfortunately… that was Trump. 
  21. The Clinton Failed to Protect us blurb was a fact though. The Benghazi massacre happened because Obama and Clinton failed to act on warnings before and after the event started. She deserved to be called out for that. People died because of her. 
  22. The fake news was proven to be fake. CNN could be called out weekly on fake news. This particular propaganda documentary only looks at the fake news from FOX, Breitbart, Alex Jones...etcetera… Point blank… BOTH SIDES DO FAKE NEWS. It’s all for views, clicks, and ads. Calling out one side and ignoring the other is pathetic and well… unethical. Just like this documentary. 
  23. In both America and England… The people were sick of illegal immigration (from South America and Turkey and Syria). The current representation (Democrats on this side and the EU on the other side) wanted to do nothing about it. The current representation would not even recognize the problem, the tax burden, or the healthcare burden. Also… when people flee their country, they are not going to the new country because they want to live life like the citizens of the new country. They are fleeing to get away from the old country and expecting to keep living life as they did in their old country without even trying to adapt or fit into the new society. This massively changes the society and bad things from the countries they were fleeing are implemented in the new host society. This is just fact. With legal immigration, you get good people coming to a new society to adapt and fit in and be apart of that new society because they want to be there. I’ve never understood how the left could not understand this. (Immigration, tax, and even healthcare can easily be fixed by implementing the FairTax and then opening the borders. Politicians won’t ever do this because then they lose the ability to manipulate voters via tax control.)
  24. HA HA HA!!! “Obviously Facebook has been done severe reputational damage by their association with Cambridge Analytica.” No… no it hasn’t. Stock is up. User activations are still happening. Daily use is also up. Ads are selling more than ever. That news report that said that…. Was inferring based on the FB hearings. Inferring incorrectly. Maybe they need a CA to help them infer correctly. 
  25. The data scientist bringing allegations worked at CA for 9 months. He left in 2014 yet he is talking about things he supposedly knows that happened in 2016 on. So basically, everything he says can be discarded. He wanted his 15 minutes of fame. He even left CA to pitch his brand of analytics to politicians like Trump. What a hypocrite. 
  26. Again… Brittany Kaiser calls out Google and Facebook on their data practices when both companies skew left in ideology and majority of employees. Do these people even see the disconnect they have here? They’re blaming left skewing companies who actively (there is proof from within both and lawsuits) tried to win Clinton the Presidency, of getting Trump elected. That’s a huge disconnect in their logic and reasoning on data privacy. 
  27. The narrator and his partner are totally manipulating Brittany Kaiser in this. It’s pretty sad that they can’t even see this in themselves. 
  28. When CA closed… the trolls (let’s face it, that’s what these people are) immediately turned their hooks to Facebook. 
  29. It amazes me that these people think that campaigns and campaigns for issues shouldn’t use data, probability, facts, or anything to win elections. If they do… They are cheating. What a dumb point of view. 
  30. I feel like the media is all over this because they no longer have the power to sway elections and they think (wrongly) that big data now has all of the power. So therefore it is in their best interest to bring big data down and push this privacy conspiracy theory junk every day so they can manipulate the public into believing that they didn’t choose their fate but big data used them to do it. The caveat… big data is for the candidates and issues that lost. Blows the media’s story out of the water if you examine it without bias. 
  31. The narrator has absolutely no proof that the 70,000 people who supposedly decided the election, were even influenced by Cambridge Analytica campaign for Trump. But hey… We don’t need proof right? We can make a propaganda documentary and put it out there as the default narrative. Basically manipulate and scare people into believing that CA “stole the election.” Trolls I tell you!!! 
  32. The narrator never got his data from CA. They plead guilty to not giving it to him. But then, they probably NEVER had identifiable data on him. He was most likely one of the inferred data sets. It’s remarkable how this documentary manipulates the actual facts and data itself. 

The documentary ended up being fear tactics of big data base on being sore losers for the 2016 Presidential election and BREXIT. At no time was any proof offered or given that the Data Analytics campaign actually worked. At no time are middle Americans or working class British ever given credit for voting for Trump or BREXIT. This documentary is one hundred percent leftist propaganda. 

I like Trump as much as I liked Obama… in other words… not at all. I’m moderate middle ground with issues on both sides. When the right or left does something wrong, I call them on it. I don’t actually see much in this Cambridge Analytica story other than the media latching onto it and using it to get power to persuade and manipulate the people away from big data. The narrator and his partner of this documentary come off as sore losers who are also hypocrites in that they are using social media while whining against it. I can see how this really bad documentary that is now on Netflix will be used to manipulate people now and in the future as a tool in the next election. That’s fair… it’s just propaganda and there has never been an election that has not had propaganda. Also, if you read the History of the CIA, you will see that since the inception of the CIA, they have been manipulating the elections of foreign countries both friendly and hostile. So to act as if this sort of thing is new, is pathetically naive. 

The sore losers of this documentary should really give the people of middle America and the British working class more credit. Instead… they just use big data as an excuse to come off as the sore losers they are.


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