Solve for Annoying (Game of Fanboy)

Person X hates Brand Y but loves Brand C. So Person X decides that it is his/her duty to bash Brand Y at every turn, even though Person X doesn't use, and may have never used Brand Y products. Person X will also applaud, cheer, and go on and on about Brand C products even if another Brand has a technically superior take on the same thing.
Person X is a fanboy.

The worst thing a company can ever do is listen to what their fanboys are saying because fanboys live in an echo chamber. Regardless of what Brand C does, Person X will never call them out or be critical of them. Therefore, if Brand C listens to Person X, they will never get better because they will only ever be aware of a limited scope of knowledge from a source that refuses to try anything else.
I see Person X posting on social media everyday and bashing Brand Y even though I know for a fact that Person X doesn't even bother to use it. Fanboys are an issue for companies and an annoyance online. For one, if a fanboy recommends something, you have to take it with a grain of salt because they will recommend only something from their narrow viewpoint. Likewise, if they are critical of something but clearly not critical of a certain something else, then it shows that they could be just critical because they have the mental issues of a fanboy and cannot be trusted.

When it comes to companies and brands I'm critical across the board. I use what works for me. If I'm using something and that company shits the bed, then I will call them out and move on to using a replacement until that former company proves themselves and cleans up their mess.

Also, when it comes to tech, choosing just one ecosystem is about as stupid as one could be. When you do that, you automatically wall yourself off from innovation and advancement from other companies and other ecosystems. You basically choose to be ignorant of cool technology because you're lazy. Let's face it, fanboys tend to be the definition of lazy!!!
So don't play the Game of Fanboy because if you do, you have no credibility.


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