Genuine Joi and the Emanator Projection of Blade Runner 2049

I think I've figured out a valid way for Genuine Joi to actually "work" as a hologram in Blade Runner 2049.
This has bothered since the very first moment of seeing it in the theater. How does Joi get "projected" when there is nothing to project her?

Joi is transferred from the apartment unit that does project her to a device called an Emanator. The Emanator obviously does NOT project but... what if it has some sort of circumference brainwave interaction? Anyone within a certain distance of the Emanator can see Joi because the Emanator is affecting their minds and displaying her as if she was really there. She is completely VR and AR in nature, at the same time. As a trick of the mind, the interaction between K and Joi can also make sense too. This is really the only way this could work. The movie is also a million times more enjoyable to me since I worked this out.
And of course, you have the actual holographic of Joi (above) which is projected, and then leads K to ponder if Joi is even "real" in this new dynamic in which he wonders if he is even real. All in all it is a good movie and definitely a worthy follow up to the original Blade Runner.


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