Game over man, Game Over! (The day the gaming ended)

Last week, I was looking at Xbox One games on Amazon and I saw that they had the Bioshock Remastered Collection for $20. My interest was sparked. I had played through 1 and 3 on the 360 and enjoyed them both. I hadn't played part 2. So I ordered the game. Less than 5 minutes later, I cancelled the order.

The reason was, because I simply don't play games anymore. When I buy these games I have every intention of finishing them but what usually happens is that I'll play for an hour or two and then I'll never play that game again. Therefore, it's just a waste of money to buy a game. So going forward, I guess that also means that I'm not going to be buying into any new generations of consoles either (I've had every generation of XBOX so far).

It's not completely my fault for losing interest though. All of my favorite games have gone MIA from the current generation of consoles. There has been no Fable, Ninja Gaiden, Prince of Persia, or Splinter Cell. Game titles I used to love are now ignored by the industry for loot shooters and first person shooters or whatever online game is popular this week. That's what the fans seem to want though. It's not what I want.
Having finally succumbed to the realization that I am done with gaming, I think I will be disconnecting the Xbox One and there will just be a Blu-ray player in its place, after all, that's all I have used it for, for so long now. Between no good games (IMHO) and really no time (I'd rather write, watch, or read something), it's game over, for gaming, for me.


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