Surprise Party Blues

I have always wanted a surprise birthday party. It has never happened though. I've put together a few in the past for other people but I've always wondered what it would be like from the other side.

There was one time, back in the 90's, when I thought it might happen. The group of friends I was hanging out with was particularly cagey about doing anything on the day of my upcoming birthday. Then strangely, as that day got closer, they each splintered off into little groups and came up with "things they had to do." That of course made me think that I was finally going to get a surprise birthday party because it was odd how everyone was acting and it never lined up where everyone had different various things planned on any one particular day. It turned out though that it was just dumb luck that that particular day, every one had set up various plans. That afternoon, before everyone separated to do stuff, I went though the various friends and sure enough, they were all going to be doing something else independently. As a matter of fact and after the fact, none of them even remembered it was my birthday. I guess the imagination and anticipation for the surprise party was nice. It was similar to when you buy a lottery ticket and then let your dreams run wild up to the drawing.

Our little group has all scattered now. I realized, maybe later than I should have, that having a limited number of friends was probably a better thing anyway. So there's not much chance of having that surprise birthday party at this point. Maybe I've gotten too old for that anyway. It was just a missed experienced that wasn't meant to be.

Oh well, as they say...


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