Petition this...

Quick!!! Something has angered you. The first thing you must do... Okay, the second thing you must do after rushing off to Twitter to whine, is to go to a petition site (probably Change . org) and create a petition because you want others to whine with you.
Game of Thrones not up to your liking? Create a petition. Big Bang didn't end the way you like it? Create a petition. Taylor Swift wore the wrong color of lipstick? Create a petition.

People who rush off to create these petitions are the absolute bottom feeders of the internet. Their main goal is to get attention so that they feel validated in their whine. The people that rush to sign the petition... Well... They're just followers and sheep like so many others on the internet. They saw someone whining and took that for leadership and direction, so they went with it. It happens in mob mentality and hive mind think. The followers are sadly even weaker than the petitioners.

So for those who know how to actually think... Just roll your eyes at these annoying petitions and the even more annoying media attention they get. It's almost always a waste of time to sign one and time is way more important than validating a person who is just wasting it.

*There are times when petitions actually mean something important to a community or cause and that's  fine. The issue I take is with the mass amount of frivolous petitions that pop up all of the time.


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