Make James Bond Fun Again (MJBFA)

The Daniel Craig era of James Bond has suffered from being turned into this down to Earth gritty feel which was a trend brought on by the Nolan Dark Knight series. The fun and outlandish plots, villains, and gadgets have all taken a back seat to a dour and conflicted Bond. All we really want on a good James Bond flick is that crazy plot, the cool gadgets, hot Bond girls, and a James Bond that comes out on top by using those gadgets, bedding those girls, and defeating those villains.
As for who plays Bond, well... It has to be someone that looks the part. For me, that person has to look somewhere between Sean Connery to Roger Moore to Pierce Brosnan. He has to have that swagger and debonair arrogance too. No, I'm not for flipping races or genders here. That's what making new characters and new franchises are for. If it strays too far from the right look then I'm out... ergo... Daniel Craig has NEVER been the right look for Bond. And to tell the truth, I still haven't seen that last one that he was in.
I'd even be cool if the movie was a period piece. Why does Bond need to be updated and placed into the current year? Keep him back in the 70's and 80's when he was going up against the USSR and right in the thick of the cold war. Go with retro futurism gadgets that are great for a visual flare and look fun on screen. Just get back to James Bond being fun again!!!


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