Enough with the Vegetarian and Vegan Haters

I see this disturbing trend online by people who go out of their way to make fun of vegetarians or vegans. They make memes, insulting posts, or reply with snarky comments about them (and to them) and how they themselves love meat.

In trying to classify this type of person, I can only really come up with the term: ass.

Why would one bother going out of their way to take the time to create a meme to insult someone who has made a decision based on animal welfare or health reasons? Only an ass would do something like that.

I just saw this today on Twitter by someone who mutually follows me. Suffice it to say, I no longer follow that account. I don't need your snarky dietary comments in my stream. I don't need an ass to point out to me that they will eat the meat I or someone else is not currently consuming. I just don't need the idiocy.

The fact that it means so much to these people is really very telling about their state of mind. So many losers out there screaming out for attention…


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