Acting out my inner Star Wars

May the 4th be with you!!!
I ran across TBS doing a May the 4th be with you Star Wars marathon and I don't know why but when it got to the beginning of Empire Strikes Back where the wampa (snow monster) has Luke hanging upside down while he's trying to use the force to will his lightsaber into his hand, I got to thinking about how I used to act that scene out when I was a kid.
Mine looked just like this!!!
I had one of those plastic lightsabers that whistled and sounded somewhat like the ones in the movie. You could unscrew the top of the handle and remove the saber part. Then I had made a way to attach it to my belt and wear it like Luke does in the movies. When acting out that scene, I set the handle up underneath my swing set, remove the two swings, climb out over that top bar and flipped so my legs were hooked over it. Then I would hang down and reach out with my imagination and hope beyond hope that the handle would miraculously fly into my hand.

Of course it never did but it was the imagination and the wonder that the Star Wars franchise had given to me as a little kid that made me feel like I could do anything and be anyone in this Galaxy far, far away.
This is the one!!! 
I also had Han Solo's blaster. It would make the cool blaster sound (2 big batteries in that thing). When my friend would come over, we'd act out scenes from the movies. First we would have to decide who would play Luke and who got to be Han. Needless to say, it was Solo we both wanted to be. There was one particular tree we would climb and that would be our Millennium Falcon. We each had different nooks in it at different levels and those would be our gun turrets. This was full on imagination and hours of outdoor playing taking place back then.

Now I suppose, the kids just turn on their video game console or PC and play a Star Wars game to get that rush of living the adventure. I think I like that I got to use my imagination and act out those adventures though. Those movies definitely took a kids imagination far far away and it was fun!!! 


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