A Celebrity has EVERY Right to Speak too

Half the people whining and complaining online don't put in even half the hours that some of these celebrities (be they actors, actresses, directors, writers, authors, or set builders etc…) do. Half the whiners out there think that creation or art, that they consume and always seem to want for free, doesn't take time, effort, creativity, and usually work on top of working at other things. They think it just happens. While many of the creative people out there starting out not only work a full time job, but they put in hours and hours at their craft so that one day hopefully that will be a full time thing. These people who complain, usually on the internet, do their job, go home, hit the internet and whine while consuming the labor of a creatives work through mediums such as books, music, movies, video games, or whatever else. They actually believe that none of this requires work.

So when the governor from Georgia or this hypocritical group opened their mouths about "C listers" I have to think… What have you done but pass oppressive laws, speak against personal freedom, and generally get the government involved in the life of the people when you campaigned and spoke of smaller government and getting government out of people's affairs? You've really done nothing.

I have far more respect these days for the creatives that are putting in long hours and giving others joy through their work over the suit and tie class that like to criticize others and speak down to them because they are jealous of their success through creativity. The suit and tie class that trades shares like they trade people's lives on a whim. The suit and tie class that sit around whining about how they should make X illegal so they can get more votes come November, from the base of whiners who demand oppression. I really have no respect for the greed, ego, and power of those that demand to control us.

Now does this mean I agree or listen to a celebrity when they speak? No, not at all. Generally, if I don't like what someone is saying, I ignore them, tone them out, and move on. I can still respect their craft and their right to say and speak what they will. This goes for everyone. This same live and let live creed would normally go for those I'm speaking of today, but… these people form their groups and then harp on it over and over as if they are holier than thou mob mentality drones. Therefore… I can say my peace here and be done with it. If anyone in the future wants to know my place on this… well… here it is.

On the flip side... Freedom of Speech also allows that people need not say nothing at all or take a position. If one doesn't want to speak out (celebrity or not), then one should not be forced into taking a side, declaring a position, or saying anything if they don't want to. The mob has no right to force anyone into a position.

I've said my bit now... Time to get back to being creative…


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