To Unplug and Replug into the Net

I pretty much unplug from the net on the weekends and at night. I use other devices like Fire TV and the Kindle to consume media and a Fire tablet or my Surface to do the same with comic books but I'm not surfing or taking in news or sitting on some boring social networking site. Cut to Monday morning and the start of the work week. Plugging back in to the net, sitting in front of a screen with time to spare between things to do, and the online bombardment of idiocy begins. News from the stupid, editorial from the biased, and a never ending flow of overwhelmingly horrible content blasted at my face in a rush of information desensitization.

It quite literally is hard to be in front of a screen (or screens in my case) all day long. I reached the end of the net a long time ago. I know the sites I tend to visit and they don't change very much over time. I'm happy with where my entertainment media comes from (Amazon for the most part and the various stream sites) so it's not like I have to go looking elsewhere for that stuff. Frankly, I don't see how people can sit themselves down in front of a screen and just "surf" anymore. Then again, most people are tied into the main vein of addiction through some social network site that keeps them coming back for more and more (which I no longer get anymore either).
Suffice it to say, I'm ready for the day to get over or the weekend to get here because I really don't like to be in front of these screens.


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