Blogging to the Void and the Fall of Social Media

It's starting to look bad for G+. They are closing up shop on their very own branded pages. That doesn't necessarily mean they will be closing the curtains next week but I get the feeling that the fat lady is doing vocal exercises backstage. For me, this sucks. I had a good thing going on G+ for a long time. Then the changes to the platform happen. People left. It started getting quiet.

I moved onto Twitter and FB only for FB to become too damn annoying again and Twitter to become the home of the intolerant hashtag whiners who demand their way or else. They organize their mob mentality and the media is all onboard because the media uses Twitter, so the media figures that everyone must feel as Twitter mobs do... Nope... Twitter is to the left, what Gab is to the right... just a cesspool of political ideology I want nothing to do with.

So I recently came back to G+ and I've been having a good time with the remaining survivors of the last great exodus. Unfortunately... now it looks like we may all be pushed out. For me, that means going back to blogging on my own blog, on my own domain... more specifically HERE.

I did run my own blog over on WordPress for awhile but they were way to oppressive with the domain that I had bought. How can I not use email forwarding on my own domain? Why Do I have to pay more for that??? So back to Blogger where I can pay for my own domain, create my own email for that domain, and just write unhindered.

Who knows what the future may bring for social on the internet? Whatever it is, it isn't what we are currently dealing with. Maybe we really don't need it. Maybe we should be using technology to communicate in different ways that isn't all out there in the public sphere of things? Social media put everyone in touch and then took into account that all of those people have different opinions and different views on life. So what happens in large groups? They start to conglomerate together and form the echo chambers of their own opinions. Then those groups push intolerance while at the same time acting like they are the ones being wronged. Before you know it, their mobs have been mobilized and they are attacking and shaming people to take them down in real life and ruin people outside of the internet, just because they didn't believe the way the mob believed. Those who called for tolerance become the most intolerant. All because social media gave them the platform to do it.

Then you also got to get into the side picture where these social media sites only want you in order to put ads in front your face and sell every last bit of private information you reveal. It's getting too much. It's not fun anymore. So to the void we go.


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